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Wushu Judging Made Easier
Streamline competition scoring
Judges -- your jobs are hard enough! With an easy to use interface, you can focus on the competition and say goodbye to passing around paper, using fragile excel sheets, or waiting to discuss after every competitor.
Kipup handles nandu (ABC) taolu scoring and follows the IWUF official rules. It also supports any event with a maximum score of 10 points.
Manage competitors and
events on the go
We know competition day is chaotic, so we've made it easy to make those last minute changes (adding competitors to events, reordering, etc.) and updates are reflected immediately across the system.
Display scores seamlessly
Keep your audience engaged and the competition running efficiently without delays between competitors. See full nandu (ABC) score breakdowns, ranks, affiliations, and upcoming competitors. We can also customize our scoreboard for your specific projector or screen setup.
We're always looking to improve!
We're still building and learning, and we're always gathering input from judges, organizers, competitors, and spectators. And as first generation Columbia Wushu members, we know how much the wushu community means to you!
The Kipup Team: Jonathan Balsano, Jackie Ho, Daron Lin
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